Made in Canada – Lifetime Warranty

Precision Tooled Solid Aluminum Address Plaque.

No visible hardware (3″ Studs included). “Blind Stud Mounting System” creates a spectacular Minimalist finish.

Precision Tooled Sign, Durable Installation (Drill) Pattern, all Hardware, and EXPEDITED DELIVERY TO YOUR DOOR Included.

3 weeks production time.

LOOKING FOR A CUSTOM ORDER? Up until a few years ago Plaques like this were sand cast. That meant you were stuck with the sizes, fonts, and designs offered by the manufacturer. With our Precision Tooled Solid Aluminum Plaques, which are created using computer controlled routers, we can create anything your heart desires! If the Craftsman Design with the Rennie MacKintosh font shown in the photo works for you, great! Scroll on down, select your size, and we will begin creating your new sign. Otherwise, if you would like a custom made Plaque (HOUSE NUMBERS, FAMILY PLAQUE, BUSINESS PLAQUE, HERITAGE PLAQUE, etc.) that perfectly meets your needs please click “Start”. Once we have a few details we can get back to you with a custom quote!

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Made in Canada – Lifetime Warranty
3 weeks production time.