Revive the past and let its stories live on forever!

Designed to Last Lifetimes

Heritage Plaques

by The Tile & Iron Studio

Exceptional Quality:

Iron oxide fired onto porcelain tile at 2,200 degrees 

Will never fade or scratch

Powder coated cast aluminum frames

Acrylic/Silicone waterproof grout


Will your plaques ever fade or scratch?

No, our plaques are designed to last many lifetimes in all weather conditions and will never fade or scratch. In fact, you can rub our plaques with a wire brush and the plaque will actually wear the wire brush down without a single scratch being left on the plaque. Yes, they are that durable!

How are the plaques made?

The signs are created with a special technique that fires iron oxide onto porcelain tile at 2,200 degrees. The tiles are then mounted into powder coated cast aluminum frames that will never rust and are then grouted with acrylic/silicone waterproof grout.

Can my large project include custom sizes?

We have a number of standard sizes, but we can create custom sizes depending on the size of the project. Inquire about your large project today by CLICKING HERE!

I live in a historical home and would like to order a single plaque. Can you accommodate me?

Yes, you can order a single plaque right on our website by CLICKING HERE.

I manage a historical/heritage society and would like for the people who own historical homes in the area to be able to order a custom plaque from you with our logo for their home. Is this possible?

Yes, it is! Simply request a quote on a large project by CLICKING HERE and mention that you would like the home owners to pay for the plaques themselves. We will then create a custom order form on our website just for the historical or heritage home owners in your area!